Best Cache Plugin For WordPress Boost Your Site

Are you looking for the best cache plugin for your WordPress website? We are here to recommend the best tools for your website or blog.

In this guide, we will share with you the top best cache plugin for your WordPress site.

Before we share you the best cache plugin let’s understand What is cache?

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What is Cache?

The cache is collecting short term stored data for fast access upon request. On the desktop, the main information is stored on a hard disk.

The desktop needs to run some process before the information can be presented.

Cache helps you solve issues and create for you more frequently to request information and store it in the short term memory. This gives access to files and responses faster on the desktop.

The same fundamentals, followed by the WordPress site, increase a better performance and speedily make your site load.

Might be you know, WordPress the fully flexible content management system and used 39% it’s huge.

When users visit your site WordPress fetches the information from the database.

There are different steps before the web page is sent to the user’s browser.

Here is also a disadvantage for your site: It makes your website load slower when lots of visitors come up to your site simultaneously.

Cache plugins make a copy of the particular page to load first and sending the signal to serves the best version for user experiences. Cache plugins also allow your WordPress site to skip lots of steps.

How it’s work?

Server>>HTML Content>>User>>WordPress>>php>>MySQL

WordPress>>Cached copy>>HTML Content

Why is Cache Important for Site?

The cache is the most important stuff to run your website 10x faster. You must require the best cache plugin for the WordPress site to improve your performance.

The best thing about the cache plugin is to improve user experience, and when your website is load’s very faster than users like to explore more content of your website, users spend more time on your website.

The biggest thing matters for your website is to load fast. Having more chances to get to drive more traffic. It’s also a good signal to google for SEO advantage. A faster website is a rank higher on search results.

Because no one like to wait to read.

Let’s look at the best cache plugin for WordPress that can boost your website speed and performance.


WP Rocket is one of the best cache plugins for WordPress that we are using on BloggersWisdom. Most friendly for beginners to use.

One of the best things we like to talk about is WP Rocket features: One-Click cache clear. It’s working very well. Let me share with you the WP Rocket panel.

We recommend the WP Rocket because we have tested many tools, but we didn’t get sufficient results.

You can see the page speed got better performance after installing the WP Rocket Pro.

It’s Mobile Mode:

It’s Desktop Mode:

We are trying to make our score more better.

You get the features on WP Rocket Pro:

  • Cache – Basic cache option
  • File Optimization – Optimize CCS & JS
  • Media – Lazy load, emojis, embeds, webp
  • Preload – Generate cache file
  • Advanced Rules – Fine-tune cache rules
  • Database – Optimize, reduce bloat
  • CND – Integrate your CND
  • Heartbeat – Control WordPress heartbeat API
  • ADD-ONS – Add more features
  • Image Optimization – Compress your images
  • Tools – Export, Import, Rollback

And get the free tutorials to manage your website and blog for better performance.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache one of the most and the best famous WordPress cache plugins. It’s also the most whole WordPress plugin with the best features options. Beginners should definitely try to speed up the website.

I was watching the YouTube of ahrefs where this plugin also mentioned.

You need to set up W3 Total Cache in a proper way for your website. Here are a few features: Page cache, object cache, gzip compression, CND support, and more.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is recommended by the most powerful web hosting companies, for example, Bluehost. Did you know Bluehost web hosting is mostly recommended by WordPress!

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WP Super Cache plugin offers you the best and incredible features for beginners and pros. Features can help you to speed up your website in a single click.

Including features are here: gzip compression, page cache, CND support. Advanced preload cache, and a lot more.

Sucuri Firewall

Sucuri is one another best security firewall WordPress plugin.

Sucuri has the features to clear the cache of your website or blog.

gzip compression with a single click.

The most effective stuff we like about Sucuri is the DNS firewall of a level. It means if a user visits your website, Sucuri can help you clear all the cache for the website before users visit your site. And one of the best things about Susuri is it gives you the best performances to boost your site.

We hope this article helps you to boost your website speed and performance to drive incredible traffic into your blog. You may check the best free keywords research tools to rank in the best position on google search engine results.

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Which plugin your are currently using on your WordPress site?

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  1. Litespeed cache is an another free cache plugin with all functionality like WP-ROCKET with cloudflare integration/ Litespeed CDN.

    Website hosted on Hostinger is running on Litespeed server, thats why consider this plugin if you are hostinger fan. πŸ˜€

    Nice post Rohit, keep posting valuable content..πŸ‘

  2. Hey Rohit, great read πŸ™‚

    I think every blogger should use at least one Caching plugin.

    However, unfortunately, many people do not tend to understand its real purpose.

    W3 Total Cache can be a good start for beginners.

    But if you have an excess budget and are ready to help you to invest, nothing beats Rocket πŸš€.

    Overall, good post.

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