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Alright, You have installed your WordPress site and you are looking for some of the most important equipment for blogging. Perhaps you are confused about “Which domain and web hosting are good” or “Which content management system is best for start a new blog.”

We hope you might know some of the best blogging equipment, but we will recommend the special and so that you can stand in front of your competitors with pride.

Blogging is not just typing the text and publish it in your blog, It’s about how you put the efforts and creativity to run a successful blog. In blogging, you can attach different formats like podcasts, Youtube videos, Infographics, and a few more.

Blogging is not just for information; you can turn your blog into a business, but it takes time.

We will cover the most essential blogging tools that work 100% Pretty well for your blog. We are also using these tools in the BloggersWisdom blog.

Let’s drive into the best what are blogging tools for beginners.

What Equipment Do You Need For Blogging

Grammarly – Content Writing

Grammarly is the most popular tool for bloggers, authors, editors, and more Industries.

Most writer agrees with 20%, and the 80% rule means 20% writing the content and 80% editing the content in an engaging style. Every content writer is accomplishing to serve the best to readers.

Everyone is not good at writing content. When you start using this tool, we are damn sure you will write the content like a pro, and nobody can stop you.

It helps you remove the spelling mistakes, grammar errors, suggest synonyms, punctuation, verb, and more.

Hubspot’s – Blog Topic Generator

It’s your time to sit down in front of a computer and start bleeding on the keyboard, but when it’s come to writing content, the first thing that comes to your mind “What topic should we write on it.”

So, here is Hubspot’s blog topic generator that can help you create massive success ideas. You can add 3 topics relevant to your niche and get the high-converting headlines.

Canva – Designing & Creative Tool

Canva is the best tool for beginners; it helps you design an album cover, banners, book covers, comics strips, and more. When you share your content with the design, then it captures the intention of your readers.

Canva can help you to design high-quality graphics where you can attach to your blog.

Canva is loved by millions of users; there are 1000+ stock images, fonts, Best color choices. Oh, sorry, we have forgotten to include the most important thing about the features; it also comes with drag and drop.

Mangools – Keyword Research tool

When it’s come to keyword research, the name in our mouth is Mangools because it shows the accurate static of High competitive keywords vs. Low, competitive keywords. Everyone should use this tool to rank on SERP.

Is it possible to rank in the top #10 position on google search results? Yes, you can rank your web pages but make sure to target the low, competitive keyword and accomplish the high-quality content. When people start loving your content, then Google will like your web page too. We have a full step-by-step guide on how to find the low competitive keyword for your blog or website.

Mangools help you find the keyword, but it also helps you in Rank Tracking, Local SERP analysis, Backlink analysis, SEO metrics.

Mailchimp – Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp is the best email marketing tool for beginners because this tool gives you all the 2000 email contact for free. It’s specially designed by the small business owners, but Mailchimp offers more in less large Enterprise and started using it.

You might be thing how to collect the leads? Here are the best strategy used by pro bloggers.

  • E-book
  • Give away themes

Mailchimp can integrate with any lead generation tool. You can design your Email campaign. We can suggest you use this Mailchimp and share your experience with us. We are looking forward to your comment.

You can automate your mail in just a few minutes. Accomplish the things at the pro level. It also helps you to boost your sales in few clicks. Create a campaign fully engaged.

Increase your sales 6×. Track your email open rate.

Did you know Mailchimp?

Mailchimp was recently named one of the best global software companies of 2021 by G2.

Answer The Public – Questions that asked by people

Every blogger gets confused when it’s come to write a good piece of content and selecting the topic, “On which top should I write next.”? What if we serve you delicious food at your dining table. Answer the public accomplishing the same thing for you. What people ask the question on SERP answer the public bring all together. One of the best features is you can pick up the keywords from here.

Answer the public suggest you the alphabet topic suggestions. In short, if we say to answer the public is the gold mine of keyword research and topic generator. Every blogger needs the best equipment for blogging.

Answer the public built trust into the eye of people and for the creation and incredible content. If you are looking for what’s going on with your customer, you can spy on it.

Bluehost – Web Hosting

Every website needs better performance to rank on search results, and the website should be loads within 3-4 seconds is the best performance rate for your reader’s experience.

Bluehost provides all the best equipment for setting up an amazing speed load website. WordPress recommends installing your website or blog with a single click with Bluehost.

Toggl – Time Tracker

It’s time to track your work on productivity, accomplish the smart work not hard work. Every blogger needs to track their work and make a beneficial plan for projects. Toggl offers you the best plan-making tool for your live projects. Hard-working is always painful but you must have to work smarter and live happier.

Toggl Reliable time tracking software loved by 5M+ users. You need and proper strategy if you are working for the clients. Send the live report stats to your clients. Clients need proof. You don’t require WiFi you can manage your work offline that’s a great opportunity for bloggers.

Hemingway – Content Editor

Hemingway app is the most wonderful and free tool for content writers. It makes your content more error-free and easy to understand by the readers. It’s also showing you the grade score of your content, Words counts. You can write content and remove the error in real-time. Few more incredible features as docs. Blogging equipment to help you write your content with confidence.

CoSchedule – Headline Analyzer

The most common mistake beginner bloggers make, they are putting too much effort into writing blog posts but they don’t have the clickbait headline. Readers have 3-4 seconds to read your blog post headline. Headline plays the most important role when it’s come to generate traffic. You don’t have to worry about it because the CoSchedule headline analyzer can help you with this.

Write a powerful headline with CoSchedule

  • Word Balance
  • Headline Type
  • Sentiment
  • Word Count
  • Character Count
  • Skimmability
  • Clarity
  • Reading Grade Level

One of the best equipment for blogging.

Buffer – Social Media

Buffer is best tool for social media engagement with your audiences. As a blogger we can understand your issues. Might be you don’t get the time for manage your social media. Buffer is the best solutions, connect your social media, “publish your content and analyze your campaigns.”

Scheduling your social media campaigns is easy to manage. It’s offer real time report if your campaign. Building relationships with your audience in very easy way.

Thrive Leads – Generate leads

Thrive leads are best for capture the leads it offers you the best marketing pop-up. Build Every Type of Opt-in Form to Maximize your Conversions.

Building the email list is too much easy. We are using the thrive leads and it’s working awesome way. It offers you a drag and drops option for the opt-in form. You can create a lead group, lead shortcode, lead quiz, and a few more. These products by thrive themes.

Google Keep – Note

Keep your secret keyword ideas on “keep” the great thing we are using this tool to make our keywords hide. Creating a note is one of the best ways to manage your new blog post and we will very happy while using this tool. This tool is too simple as compared to others. You can make notes, Reminders, edit labels, archive, and different color options.

You can also use the alternative tool Evernote and it’s more than google keeps. As beginners, we will suggest you use Evernote’s “basic plan.”

Google Docs – Write Your Content

What should you do when Your Wi-Fi connection is lost while writing a blog post. There is no worry about it because Google docs are the best solution is here.

While using google docs you can write your content on offline mode and it’s a good choice for the blogger. You can design your blog post as you can see all features are available as “MS Words”. You might be also going with WordPress classic editors but make sure you have the best internet connection with your device.

Drop Box – Storage

Nowadays every person uses mobile. You are visiting lots of places where sometimes you forgot to carry a laptop. We know the most important file we save on our laptop.

What if we suggest you some great tool without carrying a laptop with you. Here is the best solution. DropBox is the storage where you save your important docs, Pdf, PPT, and more. The biggest advantage of it you can open your documents on any device. DropBox also helps you for your team members. Easy to share the files with your colleagues.

Google Trends

Make sure you must move forward to check “What people are exploring”? It’s a very easy and simple tool from Google. You can also know the search volume of keywords and implement them while writing content like LSI keywords.


The life of a blogger is stressful and deadlines. We hope while using these tools you can make your work a positive vibe and the best direction of your life. Let’ explore more blogging and SEO tools: Free and Paid Tools.

Start using these best important tools to balanced your blogging career and business. The most expensive things come on your way when you built productivity on your work. Let’s become a better blogger.

The best equipment for blogging can help you to achieve more So, we listed here the top tools. Make sure if you like all the listed tools then don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues.

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