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All the best projects start with proper planning. Every company first accomplishes the planning; they don’t move forward without planning. Content Optimization tools are one of the top listed aspects.

You are facing issues for planning content, and you may be stuck to decide for what next topic should I write on it? Don’t worry; we have brought for you the best content planning tools – software.

All the tools help you write high-quality content, but it also helps you manage your clients and business works; how awesome sounds is this.

Let’s have a look on 10+ best tools for bloggers.

Before you move forward, we want to clean you one stuff that is, “You need clean ideas and focus.” Have you noticed your biggest asset is the brand name? You have to beat lots of your competitors and help yourself to rank in the top 10 positions of search engine. Search engines like the content to show the relevant information to their users.

What Are Content Planning Software & Benefits

Content planning tools mean the software can help you to accomplish your work more effectively. You are researching a lot for your content, but something we forget to add essential things and implement on your writing content. The Editing Calendar, a project management tool that can help you to track your content writing process and make your work easier.

If you are an individual then you don’t hire some for automation all the content tools give you the access to accomplish automation. You can also track your team activity and process.

Tools can help you integrate with apps and other software to make your work easily. You can also schedule your content to publish.

In this blog post we are going to look at best content planning tools.

Are you ready?

Let’s drive into the tools and software of content planning.

Trello – Content Planning Software

The best tools for manage your content planning work for your business. There are lots of pro-blogger and digital marketer are using this tool in daily perspective.

First of all this tool is free for individual and business owners too. Is it sounds good? Trello is the best platform for managing your work with the team. You can also attach the files and share your thoughts with your team members.

It tracks the reports of your team member, you can just add the multiple projects list to do. This tool can help you set long-form goals for large projects.

Loomly – Content Marketing Campaigns

When it’s come to Content Marketing campaign planning. Social media is challenging for research the content for e.g. Which content can stand better in the crowd. With the help of this tool you can do all the tasks easily planning, Posting, interact with users.

Loomly gives you the access to track your social media, ideas, optimization, and preview post, schedule your post as your time zone. Best social media managing tool to interact with your audiences.

You can also take the benefits of integrate social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

It’s offers you the 15 days free trail.

Wistia – Video Content planning

If you want to accomplish video content marketing then this tool is especially for you. Wistia is content planning video software, it’s gives you access to create, host, and publish the video content.

Built with remembering the stuff about search engine optimization metadata, this can help you to perform better on search results. Offers you the analytics for your video performances. Wistia helping you to engage and grow your audiences. Is it good for you if we say that whatever the video you have created you can easily turn into the podcast episode without leaving the window of your laptop?

CoSchedule – Content Planning Software

CoSchedule offers you all the tools for planning your content for e.g. tracking, editorial calendar. Every marketer needs this tool for managing content. You can easily update your content e.g. Blog posts, Projects, and more another format of content. With the help of a calendar, you can set the advance content planning for next month.

You can publish your content with Coschedule. The features are truly amazing for the marketer. There is no required to publish your content manually, you can publish your content on automation and get the tracking reports. how your content performing on the platform.

KissFlow – Content Planning software

Top listed manage content tool. Let’s plan your work with the team, Kissflow is easy to use for any users. You can see the tasks lists, matrix, kanban gets Key insight into your every project.

You must keep eye on your team member by checking the reports of their work done. Tracking the progress of work is the best motivation for us. KissFlow offers you an informed decision. Get the powerful data of teamwork with percentage.

Here is the best tools for planning your content that’s every marketers and business needs. Top products offer by kissflow: HR, Digital Workspace, Workflow, School managements, and more.


Nowadays business is moving forward to automation, it’s also a good decision to save time. Which tools you like the most and which tool you are going to use for your business? Let me know in the comments section below.

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