Earlier today, I asked my friends on Twitter and Facebook if anyone wanted me to write a guest post for them. In this will guide learn blogger networking.

5 bloggers replied quickly.

The power of blogger networking wins again.

Way too many bloggers try to blog like a lone wolf. Blogging solo tends to lead to struggles, failure and eventual quitting. Imagine if I had not networked generously for the prior 12 years.

My only option for placing guest posts would be cold pitching blogging strangers blindly.

We all know how most successful bloggers ignore cold, blind pitches because top pros have an endless flow of high-quality guest posts submitted by trusted blogging friends at their disposal.

That is if these top pros even allow guest posting on their blogs.

Networking effectively means focusing heavily on meeting the needs of your fellow blogger to earn their trust. Gaining blogger trust allows strong blogging friendships to form organically.

Follow these tips to network effectively as a blogger.

Comment Genuinely on Blogs

Comment genuinely on blogs in your niche. Pick top blogs. Network with top bloggers. Build your blogger buddy network to surround yourself with thriving, professional bloggers.

Read blog posts. Publish genuine comments in response to the blog posts. Personalize comments. Address fellow bloggers by name.

Sign off with your name. Be personal to stand out from the blogging crowd.

Stay on topic. Comment solely about the blog post content. Avoid straying off course to emit an authentic feel to your networking campaign.

Promote Fellow Bloggers on Social Media

Promote fellow bloggers on:

Ask for nothing in return. Release all expectations. Gain blogger trust by increasing their success through your generous promotion.

Promote bloggers freely to catch their attention with your kindness. Bloggers who appreciate your generosity and dig your style will begin promoting your blog posts on social media.

Let your social media reach expand by expanding the reach of your fellow bloggers on social media. Retweet bloggers, Share blogger posts on Facebook and market their blogs through your LinkedIn profile.

The more generous you are, the better. Generous bloggers who promote their buddies on social media influence blogging buddies to promote them freely through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Open Your Blog to Guest Posting and Guest Post on Other Blogs

Open your blog to guest posting. Guest post on blogs in your niche. Being open to guest posting builds your blogger friend network.

Guest posting on respected niche blogs forms strong bonds with bloggers who appreciate your generous, valuable guest posts.

Being open to guest posting simply increases the number of bloggers you befriend. A high volume of skilled bloggers seems to be on the lookout for guest posting opportunities on respected blogs.

Demand quality content, of course. Keep your reputation intact. Increase your credibility. Attract niche leaders to build a large, loyal network of skilled bloggers around you.

Guest post on top blogs in your niche to expand your reach while extending your friend network. Grateful bloggers eager to publish your helpful content gladly befriend you.

Learn the Value of Patient Networking

Most bloggers have some idea of how to network effectively. Few bloggers embody this tip. Learn the value of patient networking to do blogger outreach the right way.

Some bloggers promote fellow bloggers on Twitter for a few Retweets, but most lose patience after not appearing to see quick returns.

Good things take generosity, time, patience and persistence. Be a patient networker. Allow bonds to form organically.

Networking the right way involves a full commitment to engaging in long term blogger outreach. See beyond today. See beyond tomorrow. Rock-solid blogging friendships form over months than years of generous service.

Relax. Take your time. Keep helping bloggers. Observe how an increasingly expanding community of bloggers you help befriend you, promoting your content, buying your stuff and hiring you.

Embody this mantra: give freely, be patient, receive easily. Generous bloggers who patiently help bloggers for a long time receive traffic and profits easily over the long haul, via their large, loyal blogger buddy network.


Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote bloggers on social media. Open your blog to guest posting and guest post on blogs in your niche. Be patient.

Network effectively to grow your blogger buddy network while accelerating your blogging success.

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