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You head the right; Soolve is a powerful tool to find the keywords on the various topics based on different types of search engines.

There are lots of tools out there and why soolve is necessary to use?

Soolve is a 100% free tool; it provides a piece of the topic so you can create a Youtube video, blog post, and a few more.

How Soolve Can Help You?

Soolve is a professional tool that can help you with PPC and SEO. It saves lots of time researching on multiple search engines.

You not required to open a new tab on your device to find the keywords you are looking for. This is the best marketing tool.

Soolve used by many professional bloggers and digital marketers.

Find The Trending Topics For Free

In this tool, you can see the various search engine on one window. That’s the main thing we really loved about it.

Searching like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Amazon, Wikipedia, Answers, YouTube, Overstock, and other 8+ search engines.

If you want to know the trending topic on your niche, just type words about your particular topic, same as here below image.

We have just entered the word “Windows,” and you can see how all the trending topics are pop up on various search engines.

How To Find The Top Keywords Into Your Niche

Click the Icon of Star written a text “TOP“.

As you can see it offers you all-time top internet keywords, and advantage of these tools is you can accomplish the cross-check of the keywords as based on alphabets.

Let’s have a look on soolve suggest the top keywords.

You can also search for top keywords while inputting the keywords based on your niche.

Simply type your keywords and hit the “ENTER” button to know the top keywords.

Later you will get all the top keywords list.

Let’s generate more content ideas with top 10 best keyword research tools.


We hope you have enjoyed this blog post of how soolve can help you to rank on SERP.

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