How To Start Blogging To Make Money Bloggers Wisdom

Want to make money online through your blog?

Yup, it’s possible to generate passive income by simply doing blogging. so read this full article on the topic of How to start blogging to make money in India?

The biggest things matter when you’re trying to achieve your goals and converting your passion into passive income.

People start blogging for many reasons.

  • Learn, apply, share
  • Documenting your journey
  • Make money online and live Fortunate life
  • Share the informative (review) on digital presence (For example) tech, education, new things in social media)
  • Traveling documenting journey

Perhaps any other reasons.
You might be one of the above, or maybe some other reasons, another purpose, blogging can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s get started without any further delay, how you can start your blog.

This a detailed guide with the proper practice & experience. While reading this blog open new tab on your desktop or in any other devices.
Follow the step by step guide to start your new blog.

Remember there is one thing before we start.

Note: You can also change your domain name in the future if you want too.

In this blog, you will find all the important step by step question and answer you might looking for.

Step 1: Select Your Niche

Step 2: Select the content management system

Step 3: Pick a domain name and web hosting for your blog

Step 4: Install WordPress on the blog (step by step) guide given below

Step 5: Setup design on your blog

Step 6: Install the best WordPress plugins

Step 7: Write your first blog post

Step 8: Share your article globally

Step 9: Do SEO

Step 10: Monetize your blog to make money online

Step 11: Drive traffic to get more exposure

How To Select a Niche (Topic) For Your Blog?

When it’s comes to pick up the proper niche for your blog you need to show your interest.

What you love to do in which niche you are able to write more articles. In which field you are good at.

Notes: Remember one thing that your domain name should be relevant to your niche and blog post too.

Here are the few niches that I would like to share with you as an example. If you like and If you’re interested in their particular niche then you can pick up the from given below.

  1. LIFESTYLE: Health, Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Fitness, Relationship Advice, Professional Development.
  2. ART: Crafts, Tutorials, Woodwork, Photography, Design, Videography.
  3. NEWS: Business, Political, Health, Entertainment, Technology, Science, Celebrities.
  4. BUSINESS & FINANCE: Investing, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Sales, Business Ideas, Business Tips, Stock, Currency Exchange.
  5. ENTERTAINMENT: TV Shows, Movies, Music, K- Pop, Sports, Comedy, Games.
  6. FOOD: Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Wine, Food Photography, Food Videography, Food Culture.
  7. TECH: Electronics, Tech Support, Virtual Reality, Computers, Robotics.
  8. SCIENCE: Discovery, Physicals, Energy, Environment, Astronomy.
  9. PRODUCT REVIEWS: Tech/Gadgets, Makeups, Clothing, Book, vehicles, Brand Products, Cool things.
  10. MICS NICHE: Animals/Your Pets, Computer Science, Coding, Quotes.

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a platform that is used to manage online web content, content management system gives you to access multiple contributors to create online content, edit, publishing, documenting your Content in a CMS is typically stored in a database and displayed in a systematic layer based on a set of templates.

Here are the 6 best content management system gives below:

  2. Blogger
  3. Tumble
  4. Squarespace
  5. Ghost
  6. Wix

Read more: Which blogging platform is good?

But I mostly recommend you to go through because it’s the best and amazing Content Management System, to be honest.

  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Manage
  • Easy To Design
  • Lots Of Amazing Plugins

Lots of good features are available for your blog. That’s why it’s my recommendation and favourite.

How To Start A Blog From Scratch and with Zero% Experience?

This blog post guide is written for users like you who want to start a blogging career, maybe you know about blogging more or less, I’m always happy to help you. You may be wondering how to make money with blogging?

After a few minutes, you will have your own WordPress blog.

Pick a Blog name & domain name for your blog.

Domain Name

Here is the tool for find the best domain name for your blog.

1) Easy to remember
2) Easy to type
3) Easy to pronounce

Never forget these three secret steps whenever you’re picking up a domain name for your blog or website.

A domain name is your web address it helps your user to find your blog and URL of a blog which means a visitor can easily visit your blog.


  • Prefer .com domain name
  • Your domain should be easy to Remember, Pronounce, and also easy to Type into a search bar
  • Make sure your domain name should be not confusing to the listener

Here is the Bluehost suggestion feature to check out your domain is available or not. Simply you have to enter the words you picked up for your blog. It’s also suggested you available domain name.

Note: Don’t select a domain name too long, try to keep it lower than 12 to 14 characters, Ex: I always prefer and suggest to you to purchase a domain extension like .com or .org to get the best result.

Pick up the web hosting to start a blog

Now, it’s time to build your blog on web hosting.

Web hosting can help you to install a WordPress blog.

This is a server that stays in support 24/7 and the hosting provider can store all the data of your blog like the design of your blog, images of your blog, and more. Everything is store on your server ( web hosting )

Web hosting will be up and running 24/7.

There are a lot of web hosting service providers but for your blog:

Bluehost is an amazing choice as it offers everything you need to create a blog. Features like:

  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Easy to use C-panel
  • Live Chat Support
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Domain Name (Saving of $12 Year)

and the incredible part, it only costs $2.95 a month.

“Grab Bluehost Hosting At Special Price”

Let’s go and start your new journey of blogging and generate passive income.

Here are the plans (Basic, Plus, Choice plus) Select the basic plan if you want to get started with one blog or if you want to get started with more than one blog.

Best plans of Bluehost web hosting provider bloggerswisdom

On the forward page, you can claim your free domain. If you’re not yet decided to claim your domain name then you can simply click on I’ll create my domain later.

Sign up for the new domain bloggerswisdom

On the forward page, give the proper attention while filling up the contact information and pay special attention to the package more as you can skip a few things to save money.

Package information of Bluehost

Do check on Domain Privacy Protection and un-check everything the same as you can able to see the image.


Into the payment information section, you can only able to see the payment via Credit Card but there is one more option to pay via, Debit Card/Credit card and PayPal. You can able to see it by clicking on “ More Payment Option…

I hope you have successfully purchased a Domain & Web Hosting.

Bluehost will help you to create your blog in just the next 15 minutes.

Install WordPress With Bluehost’s “One-click Installation”

Once you’ve finished the sign-up for Bluehost the next step is to install WordPress and start setting up your site.

Bluehost can help you to install WordPress easily and in no time. You just need simply log into your Bluehost account click “My Sites” then click “Create Site”

Dashboard of Bluehost step by step guide bloggerswisdom

Type here your new WordPress site a name and a tagline. For example (Learn, apply, share) don’t worry you can change your website tagline anywhere and anytime.

Site title name eg. Share wisdom and help others.

Next, select the domain name you want to use for THIS WORDPRESS WEBSITE, and uncheck the plugins you don’t need for your website.

Reminder: Don’t forget to take note of your WordPress website’s URL, Username, and Password.

Note down your login password

Setup design on your blog

Now it’s time to make your website or blog look amazing in front of your visitor. you can choose from your installed themes or any one of the free WordPress themes.

Theme for your website or blog

After that, everything depends on you.

You have to make a basic page for your blog or website?

1) Privacy Policy

2) Disclaimer

3) About you / About us?

4) Your choice?

Whatever you want to add to your website or blog. Perhaps you want to add the first blog post?

Maybe you want to add images, quotes, or maybe you want to make a “Deal Section” on the landing page for your visitors to purchases a good or service! Bluehost lets you do all these things easily by simply hovering over each option and clicking “Let’s Go”.

Dashboard of Bluehost to install a WordPress site

Congratulations! Your WordPress site is live now!

Install the best WordPress plugins for you WordPress blog or website?

The best WordPress tools and plugins in 2020.

  1. Wpforms
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Elementor
  4. Updraftplus
  5. Wp Super Cache
  6. Smush Image Compression
  7. MonsterInsights
  8. Pretty links
  9. Jetpack
  10. Better Click To Tweet

There are over 50,000+ WordPress plugins that you can choose from. I’m here to help you to choose the best plugins for your website.

WP Forms
WordPress plugin wpform

WpForm:- Every blog and website needs a contact form because every visitors can easily connect with you. WPForms is the best user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress.

The best things I love of Wpforms is simply dragged & drop online form builder allows you given below.

  • Easily create contact forms
  • Email subscription forms
  • Online order forms
  • Payment forms
  • Surveys
  • Polls

And all the basic forms, so you can easily use when it’s needs on your website.

Yoast SEO

SEO optimization plugin yoast seo

Yoast SEO – Optimizing your website for search engines is one of the most important parts of making a successful website or blog.

Here are some of the best features I love in the Yoast Seo plugin. It suggests you a good direction for your content

  • Outbound links – links of other website or blog.
  • Internal links – links of your own website
  • Text length – write the blog in the format of Two or Three lines paragraph
  • Keyphrase length – long-tail keywords
  • Set a key phrase in order to calculate your SEO score
  • Meta description length – minimum of four lines
  • Image alt attributes and more – to get the image traffic your website or blog.

You can increase your chances of ranking #1 on Google search results and get more traffic to your website or blog.

Online page builder - bloggerswisdom

Elementor – When it’s come to making a cool website elementor is a helpful plugin to build the best landing pages. WordPress creates easier for you to design landing pages without any online design experience with the help of page builder plugins.

While you can create a particular section of sales pages to promote your products and attract more customers and leads.

Elementor is surely the best free page builder plugin available on WordPress, With the help of the “WYSIWYG„ editor allowing you to build an incredible page design by simply dragging and dropping elements into a canvas.

Backup and restore your website data.

UpdraftPlus – The main function of this tool is ser up automatic backups for your website or blog.

This tool can help you when you’re website will be the victim by the side of a hacker attack or server malfunction. The best way and always prepared for having your own backups systems for your WordPress blog or website.

Updraftplus is one of the fantastic free backup plugins by WordPress that’s supports automatic backups. With the help of the plugin, you can fix an automated schedule to back up your website content on clouds storage of your choice, including Dropbox.

Wp Super Cache
Optimize your website and blog faster load.

WP Super Cache – The most important stuff matters your website should be load faster when visitors can access your blog or website.

Your website Performance should be excellent when it’s come as a ranking factor on Google. Every visited wants your website should be load within 3 seconds.

WP Super Cache is fully available by Automattic. The plugin can also be enabled with just one click.

 Smush Image Compression

Best plugin for compress your blog post images.

Smush Image compression – When you’re writing your blog post, you might be use lots of images so readers can understand by seeing the image with a proper step-by-step guide.

When you include lots of pictures in your blog post, your web pages will be heavy and slow loading.

Smush image compression can help you to optimize images and compression it’s a free plugin one of the best benefits that automatically compress every image you uploaded into your website or blog, it reduces the file without affecting the quality of the picture.


Monsterinsights best tool for analysis your traffic source

The MonsterInsights is Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.

Statistics and Analytics reports are also an essential part of the digital era. To find out what works best. Google Analytics is excellent for visitor analysis, but you need more further tools to achieve the best result.

Monsterinsights is a free plugin that gives access to website visitor’s details and analytics directly from your WordPress dashboard. This plugin also includes lots of other useful facilities.

  • Statistic on download
  • Product Purchases

 Pretty Links

Pretty links can help your build best looking links.

Pretty links – Affiliate marketing is the profitable method to generate the best revenue with the help of monetizing your blog.

When we promote an affiliate product, you might be seen there are long affiliate tracking links, it’s not looking on your blog or website.

With the help of the pretty links plugin, you will get access to create your own shorter relationships. Eg. (


Jetpack is the best and popular WordPress plugin by Automattic.

Jetpack is one of the fantastic and powerful tools in the marketing space.

Here is some bullet point so you can understand the features of jetpack given below.

  • Custom CSS
  • Configure the publicise features
  • Related posts
  • Sharing
  • Photon

Better Click To Tweet

Plugin for tweeting from your blog post.
Plugin for tweeting from your blog post.

Better Click To Tweet gives you a chance to create tweetable content for your site visitors to tweet out and share with their audiences.

A simple shortcode, or the Visual Editor button, just add your text to the code displays.

The best and simple way to promote your brand on the social media platform. It’s a straightforward task to click on the tweet, and if your quotes like by your visitors, they will share with their audience.

List of free best blogging tools for your website.

Beginner’s Guide for How to Write Your First Blog Post!

So, I hope you have done the set up of your WordPress blog, and you are so enthusiastic about writing a new blog; I can understand your feelings to share your opinion, suggestion, and recommendation via the article.

Now it’s time to do a hardcore work on your WordPress blog that means writing new articles in your blog (first blog post).

If you search on Google, then you might know every item should start from somewhere and with small tips and strategies. Make sure your first blog post impression should be good.

You might be listening to this thought on Google, perhaps on any author books.
“ First impressions are the last impression ”

Here are some tips and tricks on how to write your first blog post (First article on your WordPress blog)

Start with a simple introducing yourself

In any situation, it’s necessary to introduce yourself and give a chance to know the people about you. In your first blog post, say to your readers who you are, what is the purpose of blogging.

What is your blog is about in which particular niche and which niche is beneficial for you and also share shot introductory your opinion, suggestion and tactics with innovative ideas.

If you are planning to publish a guest blog post on your blog then you need to introduce a little bit about the authors, you need to mention ever adding them as well. Also, don’t forget to mention the keywords like How to write your first blog post” or “Welcome to my blog”.

Deciding to start a new blog is very easy.
The most imporcriticalest stuff is to pick up an original topic for your WordPress blog. Once your blog is ready to launch, invest your time to create proper Scheduling and time management on your digital calendar.

Invest your time on the first few weeks on picking up a proper topic; it’s not about writing articles on stone; it’s about the excellent and fantastic strategy for your content. You can change your schedule whenever you wanted to change.

The best way to get into the zone of writing article (blog post) is to start reading other blog articles. Means read the article on your niche do you get the clarity of content li,ke e.g. “How to write” “What to write” “ Which topic you need to cover”.
While writing a fantastic blog post, you need to remember one thing that you must use “YOU” and “I” because everyone’s like the conversation between you and your visitors and that look like a fantastic original content strategy.

Always you need to remember, write your blog view of the opposite point of view, so your readers can engage with your content as a real perspective.
So, the readers can never forget your site, and they will come back and reads your other articles.

What’s your voice?

One of the hardest parts of writing a blog is to learn and find your voice on the digital era. Your personality and identity shine through your blog post and writing skills. It makes your blog lost unique and pretty good.

The voice you create will depend on the purpose of your blog and with a targeted audience.

If your blog post has a professional focused, your tone will come from naturally inside of your soul. If you are writing a personal blog post, you can give yourself more insight and appreciation.

Get to know your audience you need to figure it out what visitors are looking for and what he or she is looking for.

After that, you can hone your voice so that it’s enthusiastic about speaking them.
Understanding your audience essentialential stuff to know more about what they are looking for and what’s that the tone of appreciation on short term goal of long term goal that’s will help them.

Linking to your Social Media pages

Make sure your blog should have a social icon button so if your visitors liked your blog post, they might be shared your article with some care once. This makes it easy and helpful to build your relationship between you and your visitor.

One of the best things comes on your way that’s an increase in your traffic after publication your blog post.

Note: You need to double-check all your social media linking icon is working or not correctly.

The proofreading of your blog post

In this digital era here are the golden rules and regulations in the format of blogging. The first formula is every writer should be internalised, the way before post first blog entry.

Always edit and proofread at least more then one is necessary on your blog post carefully. Make sure your content should clean and good looking without any spelling mistake and including grammatical errors.

A poorly written blog post and lots of grammatical mistakes readers can’t wait to read more they will leave your site, and they will jump on others site, it looks; it professional.

Note: Before you public, you need to recheck the full article for is there any mistake happened or not.

Make sure to check all the formatting error while uploading the images or videos on your blog articles.

Here is the trick before publishing a blog article.
Save to the draft and go and get fresh for some hours or maybe you can open a (save selection) on next day with new eyes to give the final touch up to your blog before you public live.

Encourage your audience for comments and feedback

You have to encourage your audience with the most affected dialogues, make sure you have to include the comments section at the end of your blog post, given them access to your readers to subscribe to your blog. Encourage your audience to leave into the comment section the loyal feedback.

Note: Always positively appropriate their comments. Express your gratitude in the form of words.

Every visitors is your guests; In Indian culture, we are always treating guests like a god!
Here is the Sanskrit line: (Atithi Devo Bhava) (अतिथिदेवो भव) it’s mean Guest is your God. When you built a strong relationship between reads, then your blog will be helping the people’s and inspiring too.

Let’s go, write your first blog post

Let’s get started with your first blog article, take your own time and take a deep breath.
Hey yeah, one day you will blog like a pro, make sure your content should be the truthfully and honest fully. So, go slowly with your first blog article and make it shine, no going to stop you.

How to share your article globally

There are lots of articles blog on the platform like google, bing, yahoo! Etc included social media platform. Thousands of readers are coming into your blog to learn something new, and it’s your honour to give them a best and fantastic content marketing strategy.

Social Media

We are using social media to make new friends and a lot more stuff, but digital marketers are using for there personal branding on digital presence.

I use social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

You are sharing your blog articles is not good enough on social media platforms, make sure your content should be attractive and attached with images and video so, reader and relate better, and also visitors get the value what people are looking for if they don’t get any kind of informative blog post then your visitors don’t even like to share with anyone.

How to increase traffic from social media platforms

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook

LinkedIn for traffic

LinkedIn is a popular platform for professional people like the CEO of a big company, journalist, digital marketers, influencer, advisor, business coach, and a lot more.

Most of the companies are using LinkedIn for there marketing, so now how you can take advantage of LinkedIn.

Simply you have to write a short article about your niche (topic) and at the end of the article mention the (Continue Reading) or (Read More) so, if some professional people viewed your item on the LinkedIn.

They like your post of the material then they will click to continue reading or read more, and you can do the same on the LinkedIn post. So, this is also a strategy to drive more traffic to your website or blog.

Twitter is a microblogging platform

Twitter is one of the best and fantastic way to share your blog post link, eg. Hey there, here is the best affiliate marketing tools on the digital era want to know then click the mentioned link, I hope this article can help you.

If you have more followers on Twitter, then it’s a fantastic way to generate traffic into your site.

Pinterest is the best image site

Pinterest is most of the time used by bloggers and digital marketers to generate the “backlink” basically backlink is the part of (SEO) search engine optimization, and I will teach you in an upcoming blog post.

So, let’s come into a point, nothing you have to do just create account upload the pictures and mention the link.

Note: Change the name of the image, simple you have to open your desktop file and select which model you want to upload it, and there is the option to remain the image, change the name of the image while using rename and use your blog post keywords and it’s done.

Facebook is the largest platform to share whatever you want to share with the world

I’m sure; you’re using Facebook for a long time, I’ll share here for you some essential tips that how you can promote your blog post link on Facebook.

  • Join your niche groups
  • Don’t make your blog post spam

By joining the Facebook group simply write something on feed, eg. Hello everyone, I have written this blog post I would looking for your feedback, thank you so much. Then mention the link.

Note: Don’t make spam your blog post link, while merely posting the link in the Facebook group.

Social Sharing Plugin For Your WordPress Website

Are you looking for the social media share button on your WordPress website? But you’re struggling; Which tools and plugin are best, then I’m here to share with you a few plugins. There are lots of social share button plugin available on the Internet, sound like boring to find which one is best.

Five Best free and paid plugins for WordPress user

  1. Social Snap
  2. Social Warfare
  3. Social Rocket
  4. WP Social Sharing
  5. AddToAny

Social Snap

The Best social Snap WordPress Plugin
Social snap WordPress plugin

Social Snap is a newcomer to the WordPress tool and social media plugin landscape; everything depends on you how you want to design interface of your website or blog, it’s looking incredible and amazing share buttons.

Social Snap tool is providing few free features on the free version, but if you want to take the full advantage of Social Snap, then you need to purchase the paid version.

Social snap is one of the best and fantastic sharing tool; this tool includes over 30+ social networking & apps to choose from, giving access to your visitors to share your content through their favourite social media channel.

The best benefits of this tool are you can choose where you would love to show your share buttons, and the position is highly effective customisable & Optimized to increase your shares.

  • Floating Sidebar 
  • Inline Buttons
  • On Media Buttons
  • Pinterest Pin It
  • Share Hub
  • Sticky Bar
  • via Widget

You can select your various types of sizes, shapes, colours and design. Social snap also counts shares of your blog article or website.

  • 4 Button Shapes
  • 3 Button Sizes
  • Alignment Options
  • Custom Button Labels
  • Unlimited Colors 
  • Entrance Animations
  • Hover Animations

Here is paid extraversion features

  • Click to Tweet boxes
  • Social Media Auto-Poster
  • Boost Old Posts
  • Social Login
  • Device Targeting

Here are the Plans & Pricing

Social snap pricing bloggerswisdom
Social snap pricing bloggerswisdom

Social Warfare


Social warfare is also a popular WordPress social media plugin; here is the same free and paid version. While the free version you can able to use less feature of the social share buttons, most of the incredible and powerful features are available on the paid version.

This social warfare tool is really helpful, and it’s unique. So, let’s go and focus on the most crucial part.

But before I do that, let me share you few essential tips of the WordPress share button, including things like:

  • Social share buttons that simple and nice
  • Support for all the big social media networks (more including in the pro version)
  • Multiple placement options, wherever you want to add on your WordPress site – the social share buttons.
  • Share counts numbers.
  • and a lot more

That’s all helpful, but here are the fantastic features that really help you:

The Pinterest category images. Unlike most major social networks, your blog post image does nicely on Pinterest. Make sure you should take advantage of it, social warfare allows you to add an incredible model that only shows you when your article share by some others person on Pinterest.

You have limited social proof. Share counts are good because they show you the material evidence, but only if someone shared your articles! It feels awkward when your post share less (it’s called negative social proof) whatever post has shared through your blog post social warfare starts displaying the count of the number.

Easy customisation. You can easily customise the tweet that easily shared by your visitors. If your visitor likes your content table tweet, they will “click to tweet”.

Share count recovery through social warfare. If you should like to move on https or change the domain name, most of the time you can lose your count of social share but social warfare can help you to restore your content counts on easy way.

Analytics and social link shortening. Social warfare can help you though, while using Bitly account automatically, track your event so that you can able know them the effect of ways of the social media share button.

Social Rocket

Make it pretty. Social Rocket is the tool that wherever you want to put the sharing button, in your WordPress site, it looks like a design. It looks beautiful and useful in your blog.

Tell your story. All your pre-post and prepare to set you’ve expected available in your free core plugin, social Rocket it makes it more comfortable to share your content from your blog.

Stop worrying. To be honest, this tool, not givens you any kind of interrupted problem, social Rocket has a super maintain, stress-tested codebase that won’t break your blog or website. This tool feature includes backup and import/export option. I’m damn sure you’ll never lose your settings while using the tool.

Looks good a mobile device. You have different features on mobile; you can add different style and colours with Social Rocket Pro’s mobile-specific setting, easy to optimise on mobile devices and desktop too.

Come on over! Social Rockets are migrating extension; you can bring over all your existing images, description, tweets, and shortcodes from social warfare, social pug, Mashshare. Our one-click and straightforward process get you to go through with Social Rocket in a few seconds.

You can read here the other benefits of the Pro Version

WP Social Sharing

WP Social sharing plugin is comfortable and lightweight than many of the previous social share plugin tools. Here you can add social share buttons of big and population social media networks; this plugin makes easy and straightforward no issues of regarding this tool.

You can quickly add share buttons for:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Xing
  • Pinterest

You can easily customise the share text and add custom text before your share buttons.

Everything is responsive; Wp Social sharing uses CSS3 buttons rather than the images for optimisation.

WP Social Sharing tool it’s free of cost, and it’s lovely.


AddToAny is one of the best Social Sharing tools it’s known as a “universal sharing platform” because visitors sharing your article with a wide variety of networks, just clicking a single universal icon. It includes the best and popular Social Media icons.

This fantastic free tool gives you access to over 100 sharing option in the compact interface. You can display icons before or after your content, including in both the manner like vertical and horizontal bars (or manually via shortcodes, widgets, or template tags).

Here is also the same features you have seen in the previous tool; it also a lightweight and ensuring quick page load times and more.

Others features include here as some are in paid feature.

  • Share Counts
  • Responsive design, even for floating share buttons
  • AMP support
  • Google Analytics
  • Link shortener

AddToAny is activated on over 500,000 sites, which looks like this tool is the most popular and best social share button plugin at

What is SEO?

SEO means searching engine optimisation, which is the practice increasing your content optimisation, quality of your content and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine result.

How SEO works

I’ll share here some example so you can understand better.

1) If you search on Google, Yahoo, Bing then you get the results about the questions you asked from the search engine.

2) When you get the results for what you are looking for, you might be seen a long list of links to webpages.

3) If you’re content are useful and pretty looking for readers, and that’s you have provided the value, then Google can help you rank on the first page of results.

Note: Google is crawling every content pages that is into your website or blog. Search engines to build to index, Google can collect all the data from your website or blog to gather more information.

Learning Seo on an upcoming blog post.

Beginners guide to SEO

Building an SEO-friendly site
Domain name

On-site topic

Link-related topics
Anchor text
Links building

Other optimisation
(CRO), Conversion rate optimisation
Local SEO
International SEO

Learn the game of SEO
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO

Monetise Your Blog To Make Money Online

There are lots of ways to generate passive income through your blog.

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is one of the best advertising networks and trustable network. If you want to sign up then you need to do follow this steps:

Published at least 15 to 20 blog post, mention the pages like Home, Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us and now it’s your choice, whatever you to wanted to add, then simply sign up for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense team can crawl your website or blog. Within 5 or 7 working days your Google AdSense account gets approved. Now, you can easily add script code into your website or blog, and now it’s ready to make money online. is also one of the fantastic advertising networks on digital presence. Yahoo and Bing power; you can be only able to see high-quality and high paying ads. is Top alternative of Google Adsense, one the best stuff I liked about is 10% extra paying comparing to other advertising networks. The steps are the same as Google Adsense.

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is the natural and most excellent way to generate revenue on digital presence; its don’t matter if you are working on another project; your content is good and value for readers.

It’s one of the fastest ways to begin making an income from your blog or website. By targeting the right audience, you can earn a commission by recommending your favourite product and services; it’s the best part of an affiliate marketing works for all niche.

Sell Digital Product online: I hope you might be thinking that is it possible to make money through selling digital products then my answer is yes, the first thing you need to do is write your e-book published on the landing page of your website and create online courses or arrange webinars for your audiences, it’s a great way to generate income.

Sponsored content (Get paid for writing about others): There are lots of freelancers who are doing the job of Content Writing. Write the sponsored blog post and get paid of it. This all are the best source of earning online through a blog or website.

Drive Traffic To Get More Exposure

If you ask any marketing guy or business owner what they’d like most in the world, and I’m damn sure they will tell you to answer customers and clients. Every digital marketers and blogger wish to get more traffic on their site. 

There are lots of ways to generate more traffic for your website or blog. Here we are going to see 20 ways to get traffic for free. There are lots of things to build an authority website, Advertise, social media, attention to On-page SEO, Target Long-Tail keywords, write a guest blog post etc.

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