How to Write a Good Blog Article

Is it true that your blog posts are not converting as well as you’d like them to?
I’m here to share the secrets formula of how to write a good blog article that really converts.

In this blog article, I’ll share tips and tricks that help you write the best blog post truly that converts.

You might be seen, most people are not spending time to read your blog article, and there bounce back from your article.

And the poorest part is that majority of them see your blog article on social media platforms, and people would never click on your blog post.

Best social media platforms people would like to use in daily life.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

You need to grab users’ attention, convince them to click on your blog post, and get started reading your blog article.

Make sure your efforts aren’t going to waste when you publish your article to the audience, you follow the tips and tricks, and I promise you that it’ll definitely help you write a good blog article.

Note: If you are new in this field and don’t even have a blog yet, don’t worry. I have shared here killer content to help you start a new blog in the format best tips and tricks.

Understand Your Audience

Before you start writing, you need to remember it’s most important to know and understand who your audience is and what they like to read and looking for.

Rather than thinking about what your audience needs and looking for, just try to analyze competitors and do research on the Internet.

Here are the resources out there I would like to share with you, making your analysis easier. You can able to see by doing scrolling down.

One of the best tools, and it’s totally free of cost, you can use and analyze the most popular keywords searched by users in your particular niche.

Twitter Advanced Search

It’s also free of cost and easy to use, just type your particular keywords and select the filter “questions” it shows all the questions that people are searching on your particular niche.


Quora is the best place to find questions about people’s particular topic what people are asking about?


SEMRush is a paid tool, but here are the best things that are working awesome, and it also allows you to spy on your competitors and get the best analysis ideas.

Write Questionable Headlines

You might look many times; the headline is in the format of “Asking Question Headlines” If you didn’t include it into your blog title headline, there is a meager chance to share or read by your audience.

As humans, we are external. We judge a book by seeing its cover and a blog article by its headline.

It doesn’t mean you can write what ever in the content. It must satisfy the searchers intent otherwise it will add negative impact. User will bounce back. so, keep a balance between these two. But overall headline is super important that you can’t compromise.

Getting a success of the article, it’s an essential factor for your blog post title.

Here are 2 tools that can help you to find and get suggestions for your amazing headlines.

EMV headline analyzer

Find the best and amazing emotional marketing values for your headlines.

IsItWP’s headline analyzer tool

These tools can give you tips and suggestions in the format of improving your headline.

Add Subheadings and Shorter Paragraphs to Break up the Page

The format of your blog post it’s necessary and essential too. When you are writing your blog articles, you must mention the Subheading and understandable paragraph so reads can’t get confused in simplicity.

Breaking up your article content that readers get more expressed about what you’re trying to serve in mind with proper explanation.

Easy format of your content can build trust with your reads.

Have you noticed in BloggersWisdom, every paragraph is written in the format to break up paragraphs and uses proper Subheadings and including shorter paragraphs.

Make sure content blocks of text should be small; you can use 2-3 lines of text, maybe you can use up to 3-4 sometimes you need to explain better for your readers.

Note: all kinds of content are not equal at the same time. It might be you have seen the block of the best selling author book it’s alright and fine for better understanding for your readers.

A book designed for giving high quality-focused, high-quality information in a small amount of time.

In the special form of words, we also need to share with the audience? How you can drive more traffic to your blog, convert leads, and how to generate passive income in the upcoming journey of blogging, digital marketing, and many more.

Creating good ideas into your mind through subheading and keeping your para small blocks text form helps your readers get more information in small amounts of time.

Short paragraphs also helping users to connect to new tips and tricks.

Bullet Points are Important

People need a short intro before they jump to read it. It means to make sure your content should “highlight” your best informative content text. That helps your reads to take the proper information in less time.

Bullet lists are the most important part for readers to understand better and take quick action while reading your blog post.

Note: When it’s come to write the best blog article, the one best part is to share bullet points that are necessary to include in your blog post.

Here are some of the best tips written, type format “Bullets Points” that people will like to go read:

  • Clear Format of information
  • Easy for understanding to your reads
  • Bullet points are just for shorter lines, not a full paragraph
  • Bullets points are headlines, don’t try to convert into a long text form

We are doing the same when it’s come to take information on a short topic, then we only read what’s is necessary and important to, we don’t read the full blog post. That’s people what’s the same.

Amazing things come when we are writing the best blog post while including the bullet points. Readers get more information, and they will come back in a short time to get more wisdom about a different topic.

Visual Content by Adding Images

Why visual content is necessary while writing the best blog article? 

We are human; our brain processes visual content loader faster than text-form content. Adding images into your blog that’s increase your blog post engagements.

Here I have shared some of the best free visual images platforms below:


Unsplash its own license, one of the best things about Unsplash gives access to wherever you want to upload it, share it, and use as well as into your blog.

Burst by Shopify

Burst is a free photo stock platform for all the business and entrepreneurs by Shopify. Blast provides us with the best quality and high-quality images. (Burst is the best photo platform for entrepreneurs and business ideas.


Pexels is my favorite, providing us with its license, free access to download all the images, and you can use the photos anywhere you want to use. Pexels offer us all types of free-like images like tech, commercial, personal, and use without attribution.


Free images provide over 300,000+ free best images under its license. The license allows an extensive range of users; it does restricted use of images (Which follow by lots of “free images” the website provides).

Make sure when you upload images, do some edit during Add text and make a unique design.

Optimise your Website for SEO

In the blogging and digital world, SEO is sharp on a single hand. You should not ignore the part of Serch engine optimization.

Make sure you have to build trust and relations with users. The truth is that traffic should come through organically from a search engine, it’s an essential part of SEO, and you would skip it.

If you want to increase the maximum traffic, you most recommended that “optimize your site SEO friendly.

Below are some of the essential tips you need to follow:

  • Add a proper and unique title
  • Add an appropriate description of meta
  • Add a focused keywords
  • Add Alt text in the images
  • Use inbound links
  • Use outbound links

Attach Clear Call-To-Action

I hope you have seen in the blog post; blog writer can tell you to “Join Our Community.” follow us on Social Media to get the best tips and tricks or Purchase digital products. That’s precisely called Call-to-Action.

A right call-to-action shows the best format of content or products for readers and buyers.

If you see, then you noticed there are lots of Call-to-Action are used between the blog post.

If your content is good, people will always read to share with their friends, colleagues, and family cases.

Here is the example and including the format of the blog post too, below:

Reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter and let us know what works for you. Or head over to our Podcast channel for other helpful tutorials.

If this blog post helped you, then don’t forget to share with your friends, colleagues and if you have any questions regarding “How to write the best blog article.” leave a comment below I would love to help you.

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