Want to build a strong SEO strategy for your website? You need to understand the fundamentals of internal and external links.

It’s most important for better practices for improving your SEO strategy.

The relevant internal and external links can improve your site SERP visibility and boosting your site like a rocket. In this article, we will cover all the excerpts.

Let’s drive into SEO links strategy

Explain Internal Links vs. External Links

The internal links target the readers to jump on another page of the same website and collect the relevant information about the previous topic.

The External links is hyperlinks, Playing the important same role as internal links, but they are jumped on a different website.

Links are building trust. It’s also helping to be an authority site and helping google to determine the best content for SEO purposes.

Keep in your mind, You can also receive external links from different companies to link your website in their own content. If you publish one blog article with very informative content and another company link back to that URL as a link source for their own blog.

These types of links are beneficial for your website to build your website for a rocket launch. Google can boost your website on search engine ranking is based on google’s search algorithm.

The Benefits of Internal – Links

Internal linking is one the best way to engage your users on your website for a long period. It increases the chance of users converts on customers or followers.

The links are open the door of wisdom, and by the side, it’s also building your website authority when user take a tour of your website pages or article. Internal links are amazing sources of direct call-to-action.

The chances may increase when you accomplish the internal links on a blog post having the ability and visibility to rank on a search engine.

What Is Anchor Text

Anchor text is the live, clickable text in a hyperlink. Nowadays modern browsers, It’s often blue & underlines, such as this link to the bloggersiwsdom homepage.

Example in code sources

<a href="http://www.example.com">Example Anchor Text</a>

Anchor text is the text of hyperlink and should be on the manner. Well-detailed group of keywords that can help google bot to better “crawl.” or understand your website.

Internal links help Google bots to find other pages of your website. It is web pages that are easy to map – user and search engine bots – properly index.

The web page is added to a search engine’s web pages so your site can easily be found.

The Benefits of External – Links

The most important factors in external links are quality and quantity. If you want to build trust, then add trustworthy and informative website links, and the high quality of the page can improve the quality of being trusted and believed on your website.

Make sure never to add the poor and spam links on your site; perhaps they can break your site. Linking to an outside website not break your site’s ranking. Add the trustworthy website links so that they can show help search engines build your website authority.

External links are most beneficial if it links to famous and relevant pages have the ability to highly ranked and related to the content on a particular web page. Power external links will also help build your website’s authority by recommending the best to our readers and viewers.

When you link another website on content, that will see that you’re linking to them. It might be they will like to link you back into their content.

External links, in On-Page SEO People, also called outbound links; when another website link to your site, further improvement of your site is trusted and believed because they proved that your content is putting incredible value. External links are an amazing way to connect and reach out. Building a connection in the world of content and digital marketing.

This external link is a great way of generating free traffic for your site, as a google search engine algorithm. You need to add the external links on your website or blog. Still, you need to add the inbound links as we call internal links to help the readers collect more information about a specific topic and overall authority. backlinks in SEO.

No-follow and Do-follow links

The term of no-follow links means: It brings a little bit of traffic at your website but, it’s no value into the eyes of search engine. This is also the best practices for Search engine optimization. No-follow links send the signal at Google don’t “crawl” this particular web page.

Do-follow links send a signal to Google to follow the links and make a “crawl” to a particular web page or blog post. We can also call this link “Link Juice”. When your blog post link to high authority website it’s building trust on google eyes.

Do-follow links is your biggest assets as based on search engine ranking.

Manage and Optimize Your Website Page Links

Google search console, this tools can help you to get the reports of internal and external links. You can able to see what are the web pages is ranking in the top position on SERP. It’s also the show’s you the total number of links each page has within your blog or website.

Improve Your SEO Strategy with Link Management

There are a lot of ranking factors that need to be followed when we have choices like Google search engine. Internal and external links are the most essential component in building a strong SEO strategy and help boost like a rocket on search engine ranking. Perhaps it takes some process and to get master on link building, when you put the efforts then you’ll definitely get the best position on search engine results and improve you’re site’s based on the google search results.


We hope you have learned the internal and external links, Benefits, and SEO strategy. Make sure try to add the authority and trusted website links. Add the relevant link on your blog post context.

Which strategy you like and which one you’re going to use? Let me know your thoughts on the comment section.

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  1. Thanks Rohit, I use both. And I make sure there is no orphan content on the site, which means each page and post has an internal link. Once I worked on my orphan content it made my site rank much better. Links can truly make a difference. I’m glad you explained here why.

    1. Hey Lisa, Sounds good, Internal and external links are the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization it’s building our website authority when we pass the link to high authority website and trust too. I’m glad you like this blog post, keep visiting for more SEO tips.

  2. Yes, internal Backlink matter much in SEO & we have the power in our own hand..🖇️

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