how to find low competition keywords with high traffic

Finding the keywords is too much easy, but many people are finding the keyword in the wrong ways. So, In this detailed guide, we will learn how to find low competition keywords with high traffic.

Ranking on search results is not an easy task when you’re not doing proper keyword research. You might be guessing the wrong keywords for your blog article.

In this guide, today, we will share the step by step guide of how to find the low competition keywords, high traffic, and guide of Mangools.

Let’s Drive Into The Step By Step Guide

First, we’ll look at how to find keywords with the help of a free tool on

Find unlimited keywords on, and it’s straightforward to find, but here is one condition with this tool.

Show you the results “keywords” but how you will know which keyword has a low competition to rank on SERPs. Let us show you how to find better keywords.

Step no. 1 – Get Hundreds Keywords for free

Simply input your keyword and hit the “Search” in our case we have to use the keyword “cars“.

You can easily change the county to target the right audiences. Click the united states and select the county that you want to target.

You will get the results that show you the amazing keywords “select the keywords” that you want to write an article. As you can see here are the most popular searches. In our case, we have picked 20 keywords.

Copy all the keywords that you picked up for your article.

Step no. 2

Mangools – Keyword Finder

Mangools offers you 10 days free trial for all 5 tools you can see on the above image.

Start 10 Days FREE Trail

We’ll gonna use KwFinder to “find keywords“.

Click “Import”

Simply paste the keywords that you have copied from and on “or write the keywords” section, and hit the “process keywords.”

You can import the file likes csv and txt.

Sounds good. Now we have got all the best possible keywords for ranking on SERPs. In our case, we’ll pick up 3 keywords. We have checked the mark of select.

But you might be thinking which is best for beginners should focus?

We will recommend the third one “best cars under 7 lakhs”.

The ability to rank on SERPs easily.

You can use these two keywords as LSI keywords on your article like “best cars under 10 lakhs” and “best cars 5 lakhs“.

As you can see in the image, “best cars under 7 lakhs” have low keyword competition, and let’s see what the great news.

Still very easy to rank on search results with 28 keyword difficulty. You can see the search volume of 13,700 and Monthly Searches.

Focus on monthly searches and low keyword competition. That’s the real secret of picking up the right keyword for your blog post.

With the help of Mangools you can see trends like.

  1. Search
  2. CPC
  3. PPC
  4. KW
  5. Trends

Congratulations, you have picked the best keyword with low competition with high traffic. We hope you have enjoyed learning how to find low competition keywords—the top 10 best keyword research tools.

How to find low competition keywords, now it’s your turn to find the best keywords.

Get Website Metrics & Insights

Lots of Tools out there to know your website’s insights, but some of them don’t show accurate stats. You don’t need to worry about it. Mangools come up with offers website metrics and insight tools.

Let’s drive into the website metrics and insight tools and how to use them for your website.

Introducing the new tool SiteProfiler

Simply input the URL on search bar and click the Analyze to see the results.

We are picking the top brand overview of backlinko website.

Features of overview

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Page Authority
  3. Citation Flow
  4. Trust Flow
  5. Alexa Rank
  6. Referring IPs
  7. Facebook shares

Mangools offers you graph statures. You can easily understand the insights of your website.

Check Backlinks On Mangools

Show you the “Active and Lost backlinks of last 4 months“.

As you see, the Green graph is actually about increasing the backlink, and the Red graph is about lost backlinks.

Active Backlinks numbers 1.728,987 and Lost Backlinks numbers 59,331.

Understand in a better way with Mangools. Accurate graph of do-follow an active links ratio, link type distribution, and total backlinks.

You can use the “linkminer” to know the reports of do-follow and no-follow links and know Active links and deleted links that can give better clarity to your optimize content.

Introduce all the best features. Top referring domain names and anchor text, as you can able to see in the image above.

Top Content

See all the top content of your website that most shared on Facebook and added into the referring domain names.

Top Competitors

You can see all your list of your competitors, which will definitely help to improve your ranking.

List of all your competitors. Let’s beat your competitors with unique content and doing proper keyword researches.

Find Powerful Backlinks

Linkminer can help you to find the powerful backlink to rank on search results.

Enter the domain name or URL of your website and hit Find backlinks.

See all the new sources of backlinks and people are linking to backlinko website.

Here you will get the best insights about which blog or website is giving you a backlink. You can see your competitor’s backlink too. That’s the great advantage of Mangools.

You can take a export all the data of your website or say data of your competitors.

See the active of backlinko like Citation Flow, Trust Flow. Ref. IPs, Ref. domains, Active backlinks.

See what Brian Dean say’s about KwFinder. Sounds very awesome as SEO king backlinko is also using Mangools to find the best keywords.

Track Your Position On SERP

SERPwatch can help you see your ranking on Google Results with a few minute.

Know the tracking of your website to improve your search ranking. Mangools can easily find all the focus keywords that you have focused on in the article. Show you the accurate position of your keywords.

Let’s drive into SERPwatch

Entry your Domain Name, Select the location if you targeting a particular country, and select search platforms like Desktop & Mobile devices.

If you have CSV or txt file, you can upload it on the drag & drop section. If not, then you have to add all the keywords manually. You can add 10 keywords at one time, checking the position ranking.

After 10-15 minutes, you will get all the reports of your articles ranking on which position.

Local SERP Analysis

Know all the secrets of particular keywords. Just simply add the keyword and see the report of a particular keyword.

It offers you some of the best features like website name and URL, LPS, DA, PA, CF, TF, FB, AR, Links, RD, RI, all the updates of one month.

Easy report of keyword SEO Difficulty, SERP Impact, number of results.

Start 10 Days FREE Trail


We hope you have learned how to find low competition keywords and generate high traffic. Rank on Google search with proper keyword research.

Let us know which tools you will use Local SERP Analysis, or you are going to Track Your Position On SERP. Leave a comment below with the proven strategy with Mangools.

If you like our strategy of finding keywords then share with your friends and Website owners.

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