Live Chat Plugin For WordPress To Increase Your Sales

Are you the one who is looking for the best live chat plugin for WordPress? You are running a website where you have to put the value into the customer’s eyeball as “help and support” for better communicating to your customer. There is some customer they don’t like to wait. Live instant support grateful for clients and customers.

E-commerce website owners prefer to live chat because it’s straightforward to understand and communicate use for customers.

A live chat plugin for the WordPress site can help you. If you don’t want to add as other websites are owers are integrating like contact form, email is like that.

Live chat is lovely by the people. WordPress is the best platform for creating a professional website. You can design your website as flexible you want; there is not required to know the language for cording to a built and professional website.

Let’s drive into the best free & paid live chat plugin for WordPress.

Live chat – Plugin

Live chat plugin is the world’s most popular plugin for WordPress; it’s easy to use; just you have to install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard and activate it now, it’s time to go.

With the help you this plugin, you can help your customer in real-time. It’s time to build and connection and increases your sales.

It offers you flexible customization with lots of’ tools options. The best thing about these tools is integrating with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and more high authority tools. As we count on the numbers for integration, it’s approx 160+. How huge a number is this.

You can also select the logo and theme as based on your brand of website.

Let’s have a look on top features by live chat plugin

live chat plugin features

This might be enough features for your WordPress site.

Live Agent – Software

Are you looking for the best and low price live chat software for your marketing business, then it might be a great option for you?

Live Agent is fantastic live chat software available in global online marketing. It offers you advanced features though you can save lots of time and invest in importance once.

Live agent software have huge features, check it out here.

Acquire – Software

Acquire is the best live chat software for all types of online business. No matter how small, the medium and large business you run. Acquire all in one of the solutions and helpful customer support. You can easily connect your WordPress site to Acquire to know the visitors, leads, and real-time support.

To be honest, this tool provides you with a good conversational, your customer can easily covert for your approach of products and services. Easy to use interface, you can collect information 24/7 with forms.

After knowing this you can’t stop your smile. This tool is totally multi-media friendly.

See the capabilities of Acquire software. All in one, Unified agent view, Analytics, Cobrowse, Integrations, Live chat, Shared Inbox, Chatbot, Video chat, VoIP calls, Knowledge base.

You can change the colour of messenger’s as you like match with your brand.

Live chats can auto translates the language over 100+ sounds, easy to communicate with your customers globally.

Acquire is secure for sharing the sensitive data and it’s end-to-end encrypted.

Zendesk Chat (Zopim Live Chat) – Plugin

Zendesk is the WordPress most popular live chat plugin; it provides you with the best solution. Easy to customize according to your requirements. Zendesk is user-friendly; you can monitor multiple chats on a single dashboard. It provides you with more than 30+ languages, 24/7 hours of experts support.

A better way to talk to your customers, sometimes your customers feel alone on your website. Customers need some good advice to buy your products and services.

You might be collected lots of data, but data is totally useless if you can’t help your customers in real-time.

Formilla Live Chat – Plugin

Formilla is the best live chat plugin for a WordPress site. It’s easy and flexible to customize. Mobile user-friendly real-time chat. You can chat with your customer on a digital device like Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. 10+ language supports. It also provides you with A. I chatbots system. With the help of the Formilla plugin, you can also send an email on automation. We think this totally cool for your website. Easy to share file end-to-end secure. Formilla provides you with lots of advance features compared to other WordPress live chat plugin.

Olark – Software

Olark is the best software for chatting support to your customers. It’s a straightforward and clean interface.

Olark is supported in multiple languages. It’s good for you and the customer because it provides you with the API feature.

The features of Olark also provide you with a pre-made autoresponder that is selected by you. You can also track the activities of your customers.

Olark gives you access to integrate with your most lovely software such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and more to build a better customer relation.

The free plan of Olark offers you 20 chats a month, and paid plan offers you a 2-week free trial so you can check the advanced feature of live chat software.


Some people don’t like to fill the contact form because they don’t know when the responder gets back. Most e-commerce websites own the live chat plugin or software to support customers quickly.

Let me know in the comment section which plugin you will use for your e-commerce website?

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    1. The live chat plugin is free, but as your requirement for your website, you can test the free trial of 14 days, and when you get satisfied with the live chat plugin and software, then move into the premium plan.

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