Which blogging platform is best

Would you like to become a well-known blogger or know in a particular industry and skills that you want to share your experiences with people? I think you are stuck in the situation Which blogging platform is best in 2021? let me help you with this.

The worldwide blogger makes a large amount of money through blogging, you think from where should I start? Which platform is best for blogging!

You don’t need to worry about it, I’m here to help you and suggest the best.

Whatever you are doing is best for your audience to learn the new thing in your industry.

Perhaps you are a beginner it’s very hard to find out a great blogging platform.

So, today I have share the best blogging platform.

I’m sure after reading this blog post you will able to start your own blog.

Top 6 Blogging Best Platforms: Sound goods!

  1. WordPress.org – Open-source blogging platform
  2. Squarespace – Visual-based businesses
  3. Wix – Drag-and-drop blogging platform
  4. Medium – Traditional blogging platform
  5. Blogger – Personal blogs
  6. Tumblr – Best for microblogging

How To Pick-Up The Great Blogging Platform For Thats work well in 2021 

Picking up the best blogging platform is the most important thing. It depends on you how much control you want and how your new blogs look like.

So, let’s drive though what think as you make final decision for the new blog.

Do you want to make money?

This is incredibly the most strategic question to ask yourself.

If you want to start a personal blog and share your thoughts and experiences, you must try the free platform like Blogger or Medium.

Blogger and Medium are the best platforms for writers who don’t have time to manage their blog or website, including building a personal brand.

If you want to make money you must be careful putting the time into blogging.

Most free platforms of blogging wouldn’t provide you to monetize your blog. So, you must pick up the premium blogging platform.

When you go through these three platforms like, WordPress.org, Wix, or Squarespace, you have the penal of your own control; you can do whatever you want.

Did you have already own website?

I’m so happy to see that you have a website, but, in this case, you must make the blog section where you can easily write content. Quite easy to share with your audiences!

By the way, if you don’t like the features of recent content management that you’re using, then you must have a look at other content management systems like Wix, WordPress.org, or Squarespace.

Customization capabilities

A paid blogging platform gives you more flexibility in various ways like design, allowing you to build your own customized website.

If you’re serious about blogging as a new venture or business, You need a large level of control.

If you want complete flexibility and customization kinds of stuff, then you go through WordPress.org, or you can go for the easier WordPress, but here are the most flexible website builders Wix & Squarespace, and both are working very well. It provides you best features like drag-and-drop benefits.

Let’s go, blogging platforms don’t allow you to customize as you want. It may be allowed for 2-3 layouts and allowing you to change the colors.

But, You can’t do more as I said.

As I said, might be you’re interested in personal, fun, crafts blogging, then you don’t require any fancy blog or website, you can share while using the free platforms, and one of the biggest advantages of it, you can quickly write content and share it online in just some clicks.

Types Of Blogging Platforms

There are lots of different types of blogging platform.

It’s totally depends on you which can help you for better blogging.

Now, before we jump on recommending the best platform, let’s drive through the different fundamentals and how it’s working.

Have a look at Free sources

The personal blogging platforms come in a limitation of size, shapes, and different fundamentals.

However, Blogging is best for personal and (what you love to write) blogging. And It’s the easiest way to write content and publish instantly.

The bad news for you, free blogging platforms usually don’t allow you to make money whatever content you write. You can’t generate money by placing the ads, using affiliate marketing, or selling your own products – services.

We got into the free blogging platform, minimal stuff like designs, flexibility, and customizations!

You will be stuck with putting random ads on your blog. Migration is not an easy process if you looking to move into a new platform. So, there is no use in putting for business blogging or one more interesting thing you will make money for the point of views in the future.

Website Builders

Website builders are comprehensive, drag, and drop designing tools that help you design the website or blog very quickly, and one of the best things you can build a website without knowing any coding language.

It is very easy to set up, easy to use, and an entire set of blogging tools.

However, if you want these features, you need to buy a custom domain name and web hosting for the first year.

More, you will get a top-level of flexibility and customization options. Here is also some kind of limitation; it totally depends on the blogging platform you choose.

It is a great place to start if you want to generate an income and make sure when to get the freedom to design the website. It’s doesn’t mean that you can always get stick at design a website; try to make your website or blog simply as you can.

Best Open-Source

Hey, good news, Open-source blogging platforms are free to download and easy to install. They’re fully customizable from the front end & back end. Make your own choice for blogging and business purposes.

When you successfully install a live website, then you will get all the things fully customizable. The best benefits are creating an eCommerce website, business websites, portfolios, service-based websites, etc.

Before installing open-source software, one thing that is most required is web hosting, and it’s important to buy!

Most web hosting is offering you software to install the software in one-click installation.

WordPress.org – The Best Open Sources Blogging Platform

The best open-source blogging platform with the best flexibility complete design- WordPress.org

It’s a powerful content management system over the worldwide 39% of business and organization are using, now, becoming the most popular blogging tools on the market.

The interesting part of wordpress.org, it’s free to install and download.

Start a blog; you just need web hosting to be able to use it. It’s cost estimate around $3 – $10 per month, so it’s the best affordable recommendation on the list.

WordPress Features:

  • 55,000+ plugins and extent the website functionality
  • Thousands of free and premium themes
  • The Gutenburg block editor
  • Powerful media management
  • Advanced user roles and permissions
  • Get lifetime access to learn from experts
  • Untold design control

The great stuff about WordPress is fully 100% control over your website and blog. You will never get tired because of rules and regulations. You can share whatever you want to share with your audiences. If you don’t reveal your secret, then you can do it too. For example: how you make money by blogging.

There are lots of ways to get started with WordPress.org. But it’s my choice and recommendation you must start with Bluehost.

Let’s go, Start You Own Blog Or Website Now!

It’s most fastest and easiest way to get everything you need.

Bluehost offers you while purchasing the web hosting, you’ll get a 1-year domain for free. All you have to is pick a hosting plan, snag a free domain, and use the features of one-click installation to see your site live.

Squarespace – The Best Blogging Platform For Visual-Based Businesses

Squarespace is one of the best blogging platforms. It offers you the same features as Wix. It’s famous because of its aesthetically pleasing theme templates. Making your designs visual-based businesses, for example, photographers, designers, and artists.

It’s also truthful to use. Here, you have to do the same; you need web hosting and a domain. but, when you purchase web hosting from Bluehost, it offers you a one-year domain for free. (If you choose an annual premium plan)

It’s best and perfect for bloggers to share, for example, aesthetics, videos, portfolios for clients, with long-form and short-form blog posts.

Good news, with the help of Squarespace you can create a blog post into the ways you design the pages on Squarespace.

So, once you have done experiments with drag-and-drop editor works, you will automatically learn how to use the entire platform. Get awesome access to powerful blogging features, including:

  • Free theme for blogging to get started
  • 4-5 unique post layouts for your home and archive pages
  • Categories, tags, and featured posts
  • Built-in post scheduler
  • Contributor permissions
  • In-depth analytics
  • SEO and social media tools
  • Email marketing (additional fees)
  • Expert customer service
  • Mobile app

Squarespace isn’t as customizable as Wix or wordPress.org, but it’s good for creative bloggers and visuals-based businesses best for something attractive and straightforward to use.

Paid plans start at $12 per month, and you can increase depending on the features you need.

Wix – The Best Drag-And-Drop Blogging Platform

If you’re looking for the best easiest way, then you must go through a premium blogging platform; you might be used to Wix.

It’s an all-in-one website builder worldwide. Did you know one thing 100 million users are running their site without facing any issues? Becoming one of the most popular choices on the market.

It’s most purposeful for beginners interested in creating a full attractive website with a blog included. And Wix’s automatic drag and drop builder makes your website more engaging blog content wind.

Wix, help you including everything you need to make money online with a blog.

You will get paid features of blogging platform, including:

  • 450+ professional design templates
  • Industry-leading SEO tools
  • Rich-text editor
  • Embed HTML codes
  • Categories and hashtags
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Writer and editor user roles
  • Easy image editing
  • Social media tools
  • Visitor analytics

Wix is probably the best + easiest + fastest + Professional website and blog runner.

The best way to live a blog or website in a minute is, you get the advantage of their ADI (Advanced Design Intelligence) tool.

It’s a straightforward step to start blogging, simply give some questions and answers, customize design by love, add your website copy, update your images. And it’s done. Your website is ready now.

Wix provides you a free plan, which exactly working well for building your site with let’s ready to launch. I highly recommend you upgrade a plan to remove the Wix ads and connect to www.yourdomain.com.

Paid plans get started at $13/ month and you will definitely have a look at it. It’s more beneficial in the future. Get started for free.

Medium – The Best blogging Traditional Platform

Medium is one of the best platforms that help readers and writers to find new ideas, wisdom, perspectives. The best thing about the medium, there are no ads that can interrupt. It’s unique.

Nowadays, they have over 120+ million readers; it’s an excellent way to directly get your content into the readers’ front. Here you can share your story that’s you are experiencing in real life, you can share your thoughts out to the worldwide.

However, it’s a great platform for making money for a few countries by blogging. Countries like:

If you are from the following countries, then you can Enrol In Partner Program. If you not from the following countries, you will not make money from the medium.

By the way, those who are part of medium partner programs can write their stories and generate money. On medium, lots of writers are making a huge amount of money.

When you write for the medium, medium rewards a little amount for writers.

Here, you can’t include your call-to-actions in partner posts. you can’t grow your email list.

It’s not existing like WordPress.org, Wix, Squarespace.

The medium doesn’t allow you to design your own custom landing page, but you can customize the colors and 2-3 more features. medium gives you limitations.

Best tips: If you have your own blog then, I have great news for you. Write a small piece of information about your industry topic and add the link while saying READ MORE. That’s a great benefit for generating some traffic from the medium.

Blogger – The Best Personal Blogging Platform

Blogger Is one of the best original blogging platforms. It’s famous since 1999.

It’s free to use with no cost to pay; it’s straightforward to use, especially for beginners. It’s perfect for sharing personal thoughts, hobby blogging, share your ideas globally.

They have various free themes, selected by the govern how blog look like.

Blogger platform give you limited access on customizations.

You can change the layout of your blogger blog and a few more things you can change.

The platform focus on solely on blogger, so that many more thing says lie. Blogger platform gives you free access to important features, including:

  • A free SSL certificate and free domain mapping
  • Google integrations
  • Image storage with Google Photos
  • Integrated ad campaigns
  • Simple text editor

While those features are sounds good, the platform is definitely wanted in other departments, like customization, custom post, and everything about design.

By the way, it’s like an old blogging platform. Working very well for simple blogging, but you can create a full awesome website. So, I personally don’t suggest to go through the blogger platform if you want to build a brand or make a huge amount of money.

You can make money from google adsense by placing the ads on website.

If someone clicks on your website that displays ads, then you can make money while sleeping. Sounds incredible.

But, it’s not for the long-term goal or to generate the full-time income with your blog.

Tumblr – Best For Microblogging

Tumblr is the best microblogging platform and famous social media platform in the digital era; it’s working awesome. With the help of Tumblr can create 6+ various types of content into the format of blog posts, you can share the content of another user, and free to use and make a connection for free.

If you’re looking for an easy, fastest, quick way to share your thoughts if you don’t time to manage a full website or you might be don’t like to do that. Excellent options for you are Tumblr and it’s 100% free to use.

More than 500+ million blogs into Tumblr. The best things you can fill your blog post with stories, links, art, fashion, jokes, GIFs, and lots more about what you want to add to your blog post.

You can share content easily to another users.

Seriously you can put anything you want.

Tumblr is the most powerful social media platform with microblogging aptitude. Once you started sharing your content, people will start following you. Then people scroll your feed to know what kind of content you share with Tumblr audiences.

So, it’s a awesome quality if you like a simplicity of social media.

More, Tumblr creates a format as new eyes can consume your content. There is no requirement to drive traffic. You can build a strong range of the following network into Tumblr.

You can also include your feed with other user’s content that useful for audiences.

The bests benefits of Tumblr are 100% free to use. Forever. There are no premium plan and pricing table, so, don’t need to worry about it.

Let’s get started; you need basic things like Email address, Password, and Username, So, you can start blogging in a matter of minutes while doing sign up.

This platform is great for quick ideas, thoughts, and microblogging; here is a restriction for the business you can’t write long-form content. If you want more professional, go with Wix, Squarespace, WordPress.org.


The best blogging platform depends on you what’s suitable for you and your business. For personal thoughts and hobbies, use can share as free on Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr. It’s perfect to start.

They’re easy to make a blog, straightforward, and the best fast way to publish the article online. Anyway, you don’t need to pay anything to share your thoughts and real ideas.

If you want to make blogging a career or generate more revenue while turning a blog into a business, a free platform can’t help you. You must go forward to get the premium blogging platforms are Wix, Squarespace, it’s best and perfect for beginners.

If you want unlimited control, then you go forward with wordPress.org hosted by Bluehost.

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